Fraud Detection

We can offer you a superior fraud management product: Lynx Fraud Management System for detecting payment card fraud.

You can perform highly automated screenings of incoming transactions and flag suspicious transactions.

Our solution provides near real-time access to the critical information necessary to combat payment card fraud by detecting it earlier and reducing connected losses.

  • Benefits
  • Features
  • Value added services


  • Effectiveness

    Reduces fraud losses for the bank by detecting fraud earlier with fewer false positives

  • Efficacy

    Improves operational effectiveness through added value functionalities

  • Economical

    Decreases chargeback expenses and reduces charge-offs

  • Convenience

    Enhanced customer experience at the point of detection


Taking the advantage of well-known Drools environment Lynx Administrator application allows creation of rules, based on which transactions are alerted and presented in the case management for review.

It enables a quick response to flash fraud threats and implements different risk parameters based on corporate policies and guidelines, external regulations or on big data analysis.

Features are:

  • Possibility to implement „limitless” number of rules and hotlists
  • Rule changes are immediately propagated in the production environment
  • Various types of rules: single, count, sum, hotlist, comparing two transactions, monitoring first pattern appearance…and all combinations
  • Enables the setting of rules as Online plus rules, which upon alert perform automatic card blocking directly from this application.

Lynx Manager is a web-based application providing comprehensive information to enable fraud analysts to prioritize all cases in multiple queues according to specified user-defined rules in order to review and decide on cases.

Features are:

  • Highly automated and sophisticated fraud monitoring both on issuing and acquiring level
  • Fraud detection is supported with data mining techniques and predictive models
  • Fraud notification services (SMS, email) functionality for quicker cardholder contacting
  • Hotlists – whitelists and blacklists.


Value added services

Our solution is built to boost analyst efficiency and effectiveness by using value added functionalities and services:

  • Fraud monitoring support (24/7)
  • Fraud diagnostic
  • Fraud consultancy and training
  • Standby fraud specialist – for urgent interventions during non-working hours.