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Cartes 2014: Users on the Move

Cartes, The Global Event for Payment, Identification and Mobility, was held at the beginning of November 2014 in Paris, its central theme being “Users on the move”. Traditionally, experts from around the globe use this opportunity to promote the most interesting new trends in card technology as well as innovations that are shaping our industry. Intesa Sanpaolo Card newsletter brings you the most talked about novelties presented in Paris.



The previously mentioned rise of mPOS was the most talked about theme during this years’ Cartes conference. All terminal providers promoted mobile POS devices in their standard offer, allowing the visitors valuable insight into the variety of available products. Particularly interesting were smaller mPOS devices that can replace the standard ones for all types of cards and transactions as well – magstripe, smartcards, contactless, etc. The mPOS device also brings a change in the retailers’ approach, as now payment devices can come to the customer, making payment fast and easy. Moreover, the customer does not have to keep their transaction receipt as it can be sent via SMS or E-mail.


This decentralized virtual (digital) currency is gaining more and more popularity among users around the world. During Cartes there was a lot of talk about this currency and we learned that there are a growing numbers of solutions that are supporting it. The emphasis of developers is, of course, on security. The Ledger Wallet was one of the companies to present the USB hardware wallet protected with a secure element.

Unattended terminals

Self-service payments continue to attract attention in the card business as convenient and cost-effective solutions providing a 24/7 service to customers. Opportunities are everywhere and different solutions were presented on Cartes – from transport payments, parking, movie and concert tickets, to gas station and car wash payments, and self-checkouts in supermarkets and restaurants.

Fingerprint authentication

“A World without PINs and Passwords” was an interesting presentation given by Zwipe MasterCard. Their product, the biometric card authentication, is compatible with the existing payment, access and border control infrastructure, including chip and contactless terminals. Another thing worth mentioning is that Zwipe MasterCard is the world’s first biometric payment card with contactless capability that also enables high value payments.

Beacon devices

New devices based on Bluetooth technology aim at stimulating interaction with customers. The customer’s mobile application is alerted the moment the customer enters a store, allowing them to receive the newest offerings, promotions or marketing messages. By recognizing the customers’ needs and properly addressing them at the moment when they are deciding on a purchase is a new way of building a loyal customer base.

As a leading international POS vendor, Ingenico promoted Intesa Sanpaolo and Setefi as leaders in innovation by presenting the Move&Pay success story in Italy. The mPOS solution was implemented targeting 1,5 million small merchants, craftsmen and professionals not yet equipped with the traditional POS. In the 10 months from its launch, over 45.000 mPOS devices were sold. The solution presented won the Ingenico “The Best Strategic Initiative mPOS 2014” award.

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