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Gamification in Finance: Myth Or Reality

Gamification has received a great deal of attention from industry experts and analyst firms, especially within the last year.

Everybody is talking about gamification, but what does it actually mean? To put is simply, it is the concept of applying game mechanics and design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. It is quickly gaining popularity in the finance industry and innovative early adopters are embracing the concept to enhance and differentiate their offerings to the market.

This hot trend was also elaborated on in the Croatian edition of Customer Satisfaction University Award 2014. Under the general theme “Merchant Founded Offers”, one of the teams worked on a project entitled Gamification Loyalty App, which ended up being the winning project, of both the Croatian and international edition. Has gamification found a critical mass in retail banking yet? Well, not quite – but the situation seems very encouraging.

Deloitte Consulting described gamification as one of the top 10 technology trends.

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