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The Ten Things That Changed Payments In 2014

According to and Karen Webster, CEO of Market Platform Dynamics, there were 10 things that happened in 2014 that they believe will change the course of mobile payments and commerce over the next ten years.

None of these things are significant individually to tip a direction one way or the other next year. But, they clearly have and will shape the strategies and roadmaps of the players with the ambition to influence how mobile commerce, worldwide, evolves, over the next decade.

Here they are:

  1. The Target Breach
  2. EMV Becomes A Reality In The US
  3. Key Players Break Out (Or Get Positioned To)
  4. Beacons Blast Off
  5. Apple Gets Into Payments
  6. eBay And PayPal Decide To Break Up
  7. Alibaba Does The Biggest Tech IPO In History
  8. Amazon Gets Physical (Among Other Things)
  9. Bitcoin Backtracks
  10. Tokens Reinvent Digital Identity


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