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INpayments Magazine

Issue theme

InPayments, November 2019

In this issue, we address everything about payment cards and try to answers some questions like – Are payment cards still rising, how do people behave with cards, what kind of design ad features do they like and what does the future hold or payment cards. In company news we have covered Apple Pay, Premium Visa, and SME solution, while in industry news we are talking about the Facebooks libra “cryptocurrency”, Apple Card, 5G,, banks migrating to clouds, etc. Send us your comments and ideas to our email.

Issue Highlights

  • Is innovation still taking place on plastic cards?
  • The future of plastic
  • Introducing Apple Pay to the region and beyond
  • Supporting the PBZ Card Premium Visa Solution
  • Launching the SME proposition
  • Libra - Facebook's cryptocurrency
14 Issue
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