Statistical Predictive Modelling

We are service provider in predictive statistical modelling through in-depth business knowledge and expertise in data mining.

We can help you manage and optimize decisions across your portfolio and identify measurable benefits.

In order to provide you with a distinct competitive advantage we operate as a technical service provider and consultant through each step of the credit risk lifecycle – from strategic planning, fraud prevention, to acquisition and portfolio management, and debt collection.

  • Benefits
  • Features


  • Economical

    Reduced capital charge by using Credit Risk models

  • Efficiency

    Making highly targeted and cost effective marketing strategies by using Customer Relationship Management models

  • Reliability

    Battle fraud effectively by detecting subtle patterns of unusual activity in data with Fraud detection models


The main features are detection of fraudulent events, ranking applicant’s credibility when requesting a product, ranking client’s credibility once entered in default and throughout the product lifecycle and estimation of the amount that will be lost in case the client does not meet contractual obligations.

Our solution is based on proven technology created by SAS, a leader in business analytics software and services.